• Definition Citizen Conferences allow for citizens to deliberate and provide policy recommendations for a government entity. The government entity can then use these recommendations to better meet the needs of its citizens. Citizen Conferences are comparable to Citizens' Juries and to Consensus Conferences . Participants The participants in citizen conferences...
  • Since the emergence of the so called Web2.0, internet technologies have greatly expanded the possibilities for people to interact and discuss; but how many times have we found ourselves trapped in endless debates about everyday facts? Social networks have greatly contributed in re-shaping the idea of online interactions, but their...
  • Devised independently, but now nesting within Coleman’s political philosophy, this method offers elected representatives and aspirant activists a minimal set of activities which informally fuse aspects of direct and representative democracy, offer constituents a more authentic political conversation, and need not await wider political reforms.
  • The Enquiry-by-Design method is used in urban renewal projects and involves a consensus building approach among a diverse array of participants. Citizens are involved from the very beginning of the project till the final stages and are assisted by a technical team, stakeholders and government officials.
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