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    Definition Everyday Democracy is an organization whose mission is “to help communities develop their own ability to solve problems by exploring ways for all kinds of people to think, talk and work together to create change.” Their goal is to address many different issues from racial inequality to growth and...
  • Definition According to Carol Packham, community auditing "is an empowering process [which] can achieve desirable quantitative and qualitative [community development] outcomes." Problems and Purpose History Participant Selection Deliberation, Decisions, and Public Interaction Influence, Outcomes, and Effects Analysis and Lessons Learned Secondary Sources External Links Notes
  • Community committees are representative bodies established as intermediaries between an area’s residents and a higher level of government.
  • Note: the following article is a stub. Please help us complete it. Definition "Community care is delivered in private homes, retirement communities, residential or long-term care homes and community clinics. Community care programs are designed to Help people maintain optimal health and function Prevent or delay admissions to hospitals Support...
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    Definition Community organizing is a process where people who live in proximity to each other come together into an organization that acts in their shared self-interest. Unlike those who promote more-consensual community building, community organizers generally assume that social change necessarily involves conflict and social struggle in order to generate...
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