• The Social Mobilisation Campaign (SMC) model is an approach used by the Creative Centre for Community Mobilisation (CRECCOM) to mobilise and empower rural communities to fully own their development. The model uses a combination of participatory methodologies, rights based approaches, results based management, collective action, and policy advocacy tools to...
  • Method: Sociocracy

    Note: the following entry is a stub. Please help us complete it. Definition Sociocracy is a whole system design for organizational governance and structure. It is applicable to and useful for any group of people who want to accomplish something together. The "socios" in sociocracy are the "colleagues" or "companions"...
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    Definition The Socratic Café (also known as Socrates Café) is a democratic discussion forum based on the more commonly known Socratic Method, which focuses its intentions on being an open system that allows for philosophical questioning. An unofficial mantra describing both is that we (people) learn more when we question,...
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    Speed dialogue or 'speed dating' is a technique often employed during deliberative processes such as citizens' juries, or as an icebreaker activity with groups. It allows small groups or individuals to extract relevant information from witnesses or panelists without having to use a plenary/ Q&A style.
  • Ce que l’on mesure a une incidence sur ce que l’on fait; or, si nos mesures sont défectueuses, les décisions peuvent se révéler inadaptées. C’est ainsi en amont des politiques publiques, avec la volonté d’assurer une nouvelle démocratie plus inclusive, que la méthodologie SPIRAL, se situe.
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