• Definition Civic education refers to various processes of education in self-government. It rests on the assumption that qualities necessary for democratic discourses and common decision making do not emerge by themselves but need to be acquired through education. This does not necessarily refer to teaching and learning in the education...
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    A civic lottery, a popular term for the contemporary use of sortition or allotment, refers to a lottery-based method for selecting citizens for public service or office. It is based on the premise that citizens in a democracy have both a duty and the desire to serve their society by...
  • Method: CiviComment

    CiviComment is the easiest way to collect and manage public comments online.
  • Design with the people instead of design for the people
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    Collaborative governance is a young, emerging form of governance being developed to adapt the traditional aims of direct democracy with the new capabilities presented by the internet. Practical development of this governance method is being undertaken by the Metagovernment project. Traditional implementations of direct participation have labored under enormous obstacles...
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