• Consensus forums are similar to consensus conferences but differ in the number of participants actively involved in the decision making process. The forum setting brings together a diverse range of citizens who work in small groups to develop common points of agreements around an issue.
  • Method: ConsiderIt

    Definition ConsiderIt is an internet-based platform that stems from the basis of personal deliberation into a form of public deliberation . It allows users to examine trade-offs and the vantage points of other users on proposed actions such as ballot measures, by forming deliberation around a list of pro and...
  • Method: ConsiderIt

    ConsiderIt is an open source platform that encourages users to engage in thoughtful discussion across difference on complex issues. The 2010 Washington state Living Voters Guide was the first project to implement the ConsiderIt platform. It aims to decrease polarization and increase communication that encourages participants to find a common...
  • Method: Constitution

    Definition A Constitution is the top-most governing document of an organization. It defines the various types of autonomy (the roles) people have. It limits powers of the main leaders. It allows for amendments. It provides various rights either implicitly or explicitly. It provides measurable processes, whether in elections, decision-making, who...
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    Definition Conversation Cafes are openly hosted conversations in local coffee shops, but are also widely entertained inside, but not limited to, restaurants, conference rooms, churches, and classrooms. This participatory method was intentionally designed in efforts to gather friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and strangers to exchange something more than "small talk" on...
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