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    Also known as community-based learning, community service-learning is a teaching pedagogy which integrates student learning and community engagement in a mutually beneficial manner.
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    Definition Community-based participatory research (CBPR) is a "collaborative approach to research that equitably involves all partners in the research process and recognizes the unique strengths that each brings. CBPR begins with a research topic of importance to the community, has the aim of combining knowledge with action and achieving social...
  • Method: Consensus

    Definition A consensus emerges when all participants or parties who are discussing a common problem agree on a solution or a course of action. Essentially consensus means agreement. If consensus is part of a deliberative process , consensus seeking implies that all participants talk for as long as it takes...
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    Main Idea and Significance: The public’s opinion and support behind significant topics in specified fields is essential to deriving a common good for society. The ideology protruding behind consensus conferences redefines the path to arrive at a public good. A consensus conference - related to but different from a consensus...
  • Consensus forums are similar to consensus conferences but differ in the number of participants actively involved in the decision making process. The forum setting brings together a diverse range of citizens who work in small groups to develop common points of agreements around an issue.
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