• Method: Deebase

    Deebase is a content management system CMS aimed at supporting communities in fostering the exchange of ideas among their members, turning chaotic interactions into full-fledged debates.
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    -- Delegated Voting -- Also called Proxy voting or Liquid_Democracy Imagine delegating your vote on health issues to a trusted family physician. And that she gives all the votes delegated to her second year medical ethics professor. And by checking on your physician's web page you can see how your...
  • Method: Deliberation

    Definition The term deliberation describes a communicative process with the goal of finding solutions to given problems. Definitions of deliberation vary greatly from very open conceptions that basically include any kind of talk to conceptions that focus on a rational discourse and specific ways of expression. These different notions of...
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    Definition "Deliberation Day - a new national holiday." [1] With this statement Bruce Ackerman and James Fishkin were the first to propose Deliberation Day (DDay) as a method for having citizens deliberating 2 weeks before the national elections for 2 days to have a better understanding of their most important...
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    A citizens' jury can be a good model of participatory decision making that allows the voices of the most marginalised, and yet most affected by development policies, to be heard and included. But to be truly valuable and to ensure that the Citizens'_Jury succesfully influences policy, it must be set...
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