• +D Mission: "Politics beyond the parties' The mission of the Movement + D lies in the renewal of representative democracy, promoting the dignity of politics, politicians and proper respect for the public interest by all holders that manage, claiming the approach of politicians to citizens through the electoral process, by...
  • Organization: 21st Century Dialogue

    21st Century Dialogue is an organisation based in Western Australia, specialising in community engagement. It is founded on principle of deliberative and participatory democracy and has developed its own methodology building on 21st century town meetings, community surveys and consensus forums.
  • Organization: 92nd Street Y

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  • Organization: ADELS

    ADELS (Association pour la démocratie et l’éducation locale et sociale) is a Paris-based organization, set up in 1960, whose work is aimed at encouraging political participation and civic engagement beyond the ballot box at the subcentral level of government in France. To achieve this goal, ADELS organizes workshops, seminars, and...
  • Organization: Age Sector Platform

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