• Organization: Backbone Campaign

    The Backbone Campaign is a progressive, non-profit organization based on Vashon Island, Washington, whose goal is to inspire social change through political commentary, via highly visible “actions.” According to the Campaign’s website, “The Backbone Campaign is a grassroots effort to embolden citizens to stand up for progressive values. We are...
  • Organization: Balkan Assist

    "Balkan Assist" is a Bulgarian non-for-profit association established in 2000 uniting individuals and organizations working for the development of the civil society. A part of the members are direct participants in the Program for Cooperation with the municipalities in Central Stara planina which the Swiss government has been implementing since...
  • Basics An Overview of Ballot Measures Ballot measures are powerful policy-making, messaging, and political tools – and also a permanent part of the process in the 24 initiative states. In recent years, initiatives have been used by well-funded, right-wing donors and special interests to deny rights to working families, public...
  • Organization: Bang the Table

    Bang the Table is an Australian based organisation specialising in online engagement. They primarily provide two types of software designed for stakeholder and citizen engagement: EngagementHQ for community engagement, and Budget Allocator, a participatory budgeting software.
  • Mission and Purpose Research and Development group focused on online deliberation. History Incubated in 2016. Founded in Spring 2017. Specializations and activities Academic research, HCI and CSCW design. Major projects and events Funding Publications Secondary Sources External Links Notes
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