• Organization: Via Campesina

    . Mission and Purpose Peasants, small and medium rural producers, countryside workers, people without land, indigenous and afro-descendantsi of 73 countries gather in Via Campesina, an international movement created to focus on global policies relating to agriculture - that affect small producers and tend to be developed without effective consultation...
  • Organization: Viewpoint Learning

    Viewpoint Learning, founded by Daniel Yankelovich and Dr. Steven Rosell in 1999, holds public and private issue-oriented dialogues and provides facilitation and consulting services respecting issue-oriented dialogue. Viewpoint Learning has developed several methods of dialogue including Choicework Dialogue -- also called Choice-Dialogue -- Strategic Dialogue, Stakeholder Dialogue, Community Conversation, and...
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  • Organization: VOTO Mobile

    VOTO Mobile is a Ghanaian tech startup whose mobile platform is used by businesses, governments, and NGOs to share and receive information from citizens.
  • Organization: Vouliwatch

    Mission and Purpose Vouliwatch is a digital platform that engages Greek citizens with legislative politics and grants them with the opportunity to communicate, evaluate and hold elected representatives in the Greek and the European Parliament (MPs & MEPs) accountable. Similar successful initiatives (“Parliamentwatch”) in countries like Ireland , Luxemburg...
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