Downloading Data from Your Search Results

Once you have completed a search of Participedia’s “Case” files, you can download the results of your search into a user-friendly comma separated value (CSV) file. We chose CSV files to allow ease of use within multiple programs across operating systems. (Please note you can download results of searches on Methods and Organizations, but the data is not yet in a form that lends itself to easy analysis.)
  1. Initiate and refine your search within Participedia’s collection of Cases.

    See “Finding information on Participedia” for a detailed description of how to use our faceted search tool. Use the “Refine your search” function on the right hand pane to narrow the scope of search.

    You can also use the tabs on the left of the page to refine your search of cases by alphabetical order or by when they were first submitted to the site. Please note that the order in which cases appear on screen after your search will be the row order in which they appear in the downloaded CSV file when you click the ↑↓CSV button.

  2. Process your search results.

    To download your search results, click the ↑↓CSV button towards the top right of Cases page. You will know your file is being processed when you see the image below.

    …and when it is finished you will see the following banner appear…

  3. Download your data and codebook and get going.

    Select “Click here to download your CSV report” shown in the banner above. Depending on your computer’s download settings, you should receive a familiar pop-up window asking whether you want to open or save the file.

    Select the “Downloaded Data Code Book page” link to interpret your search results. The codebook matches codes to responses and to the request for information provided on the “Create a Case” data entry form. For more information on how cases are added to and edited on Participedia see “Contributing Content to Participedia.

    The codebook can be downloaded in PDF and Docx (word) format.


Enjoy the data-crunching and keep helping us improve the way we do democracy!

Any enquiries or suggestions should be directed to [email protected].