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This case documents the use of the Facebook group “Mouvement du 20 Février - Maroc - حركة 20 فبراير” and the citizen-led online open access Mamfakinch by Moroccan activists to express grievances, discuss, share uncensored information and to organize a broad based movement within Morocco coordinated around February 20th 2011.
‘I Felt Like There Was a Need for the Voices of the Voiceless to Be Heard’
Mission and Purpose The Lango Youth Development Network (LAYDNET) is a youth-led community-based organization/network based in Lira, northern Uganda. LAYDNET has three specific objective statements (Profile of LAYDNET, 2016). Firstly, it pledges to advocate for the rights of youth with emphasis to women empowerment for economic development (Ibid). Secondly, it...
Purpose and Goals The 1st Teenagers’ Municipal Council, held in the city of Ilion, Greece in 2015, was a simulation of the Ilion Municipal Council intended to familiarize high school-aged constituents with local democratic institutions. The event was held within the framework of the European Local Democracy Week — an...
AYO is a grassroots, citizen-led movement in Winnipeg dedicated to youth empowerment and community capacity building.

Organization: Youngstars Foundation

Youngstars Foundation was established in 1995 by Kingsley Bangwell. It operates from Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital, with a branch in Accra, Ghana.
The failures of Nigeria's civilian government gave rise to the Youngstars Foundation who committed to a campaign aimed at educating and mobilizing youths to improve participatory democracy and good governance through active post-election engagement of elected representatives.
Housed in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, Creative Publics Lab is an incubator for student-led participatory politics. The lab works in collaboration with Vancouver’s social sector to provide course-based opportunities for students to build professional networks and earn credit toward their academic program by...

Organization: Eurac research

Eurac Research is a diverse group of academics with partners in over 50 countries who seek to find solutions to many of the world's major problems such as healthy living, sustainable energy and well-functioning political, social, and environmental systems.
Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) is a grassroots, member-led organization building power in under-resourced communities and communities of color across the Twin Cities (Minneapolis–Saint Paul, USA). Members fight for racial and economic justice through active campaigns for workers' rights on expanding voting rights, quality public education, environmental justice, and police...
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