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AYO is a grassroots, citizen-led movement in Winnipeg dedicated to youth empowerment and community capacity building.
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Problem/Purpose Since the 1990s, several national governments in Africa have encouraged peaceful political transition through democratic elections. There is growing recognition that open and free elections give people a sense of political participation and inclusion - an avenue to delegate decision-making responsibility to elected representatives. In Nigeria, attempts have been...
Housed in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, Creative Publics Lab is an incubator for student-led participatory politics. The lab works in collaboration with Vancouver’s social sector to provide course-based opportunities for students to build professional networks and earn credit toward their academic program by...

Organization: Eurac research

Eurac Research is a diverse group of academics with partners in over 50 countries who seek to find solutions to many of the world's major problems such as healthy living, sustainable energy and well-functioning political, social, and environmental systems.
Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) is a grassroots, member-led organization building power in under-resourced communities and communities of color across the Twin Cities (Minneapolis–Saint Paul, USA). Members fight for racial and economic justice through active campaigns for workers' rights on expanding voting rights, quality public education, environmental justice, and police...
Formed in 1990, the Child and Adolescent Rights Councils are tasked with formulating and monitoring the implementation of public policies aimed at Brazilian youth. The councils are now presents in virtually every Brazilian municipality since their existence is required for the acquisition of national funding for this policy area.
Meet Me at the Bell Tower ( [email protected] ) is a community initiated started by the group Aboriginal Youth Opportunities based in Winnipeg, focusing on “bringing people together at the neighbourhood bell tower to demand an end to violence”.

Organization: YourSAy

YourSAy is an online consultation platform operated by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in South Australia.
The Queensland Plan is a strategic plan containing a vision for the next 30 years in the north-east state of Australia. The plan was spearheaded by the then Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman, and involved an extensive 18-month consultation and drafting process that sought to incorporate the voices of Queenslanders.
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