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Nearly 300 towns in Massachusetts use Open Town Meetings - local legislatures that allow any New England registered voter to speak, vote, attend annual meetings and place articles on the agenda.

Organization: Hoover Institution

Organization: YourSAy

YourSAy is an online consultation platform operated by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in South Australia.
The Queensland Plan is a strategic plan containing a vision for the next 30 years in the north-east state of Australia. The plan was spearheaded by the then Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman, and involved an extensive 18-month consultation and drafting process that sought to incorporate the voices of Queenslanders.

Organization: Evergreen Foundation

The Evergreen Foundation is dedicated to “inspiring action to green cities” through research, design and collaborative initiatives. By improving the interconnections and interdependencies between people, nature, and the built world, Evergreen helps cities thrive in a sustainable manner.
Scarborough Senior was a high school in Perth, Western Australia that was shut down by the then-Liberal state government in 1999. The closure took place despite considerable opposition in the community and without any consultation. The land was designated for housing development. Following the election of a Labor government in...
Organization : Strengthening Participatory Organizations History/Mission SPO’s initiatives to improve democratic governance in Pakistan through a bottom-up approach are driven by three aims:1) to enhance conceptual clarity on rights-based approaches, 2) ensure that there is an increased capacity to promote and practice sustainable, transparent and accountable systems within the organization,...

Organization: Awami Workers Party

Organization : Awami Workers’ Party History Awami Workers’ Party is a political party of the working people which aims to bring together the struggles of workers, peasants, students, women and other marginalized communities in the democratic claims-making process. The party is a coalition of the major leftist organizations in Pakistan,...
In 2014 the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities undertook an extensive stakeholder and community consultation program to help plan the future of public education in inner Sydney area. Projected population growth prompted by urban renewal will lead to an increase in families living in the area, and...
Campaspe is a relatively new local government area in Victoria, Australia. In 2014 the council undertook a consultation-led approach to develop their strategic plan on the future of the Shire over the next 20 years. The project made a particular effort to engage with children and young people through school...
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