Direct delivery of public services (i.e. by entities other than government)

Definition, problems and Purpose The “ Repúblicas” (republics) of Coimbra are students’ community houses, whose history dates back to the origins of Portuguese university, in the XIV century. They are spaces of living and conviviality with a specific culture, generated by a centuries-long tradition. The republics are the most ancient...
Community committees are representative bodies established as intermediaries between an area’s residents and a higher level of government.
Participatory rural appraisal is a citizen-centred method of development. The process empowers locals by including them directly in the issue identification and evaluation process and, in many cases, in the final implementation and post-construction monitoring.
This case documents the work of the Community Committee of El-kfoor village, which improved government transparency and accountability by acting as a key communication channel between the El-kfoor Community Development Association (CDA) and community members. The CDA and community members collaboratively solved pressing environmental sanitation and waste management issues.
SGI is a method used by the JDPC to connect and network with other aid organizations and government officials in order to secure the resources and support necessary for the implementation of its Good Governance Project.
Project Green Bloc was a neighborhood-level initiative that engaged and mobilized residents in climate change mitigation and local consumption reduction.
Note: the following article is a stub. Please help us complete it. Definition "Community care is delivered in private homes, retirement communities, residential or long-term care homes and community clinics. Community care programs are designed to Help people maintain optimal health and function Prevent or delay admissions to hospitals Support...
Building a community database of Islamabad's slums to help residents get restitution for illegal evictions and government refusal to provide affordable housing
Purpose/Problem The March 2015 floods, and the 7.5 earthquake in October 2015 left the people of Charum Oveer, a remote village near Chitral, with not only severe damage to local infrastructures and housing and no sources of electricity but also, with severe psychological and physical traumas. The village has a...
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