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IWRM is a form of ecosystem-based management which fosters participation and encourages respect for the diverse values and aspirations of communities.
The Sustained Dialogue Campus Network is a networking tool developed by the International Institute for Sustained Dialogue to expand the use of dialogue and deliberation on university campuses.

Method: Referendum

Synonymous with plebiscite and ballot question, a referendum is a direct vote by the populace on a single political issue such as a proposed piece of legislation.
The Guangming Village local government set up a platform for public deliberation on the role of married-out women. Although the deliberative forum is held under an authoritarian system, this case demonstrates how the government’s public policy making can be the result of the contestation of many interest groups.

Method: Maptionnaire

Definition Maptionnaire is a software-as-a-service that integrates survey questions with an interactive map. It enables efficient collecting, analyzing and visualization of map-based data. It is easy to make a Maptionnaire survey - and even easier to respond. With Maptionnaire’s browser tool, analysis and visualizations are easy to perform and share...
I contratti di paesaggio sono strumenti di pianificazione e programmazione negoziata per la preservazione e la valorizzazione dei paesaggi. Questo caso è il primo dei due avviati dalla Regione Umbria, su iniziativa degli attori locali nel 2012.
Audience response systems (ARS) are a kind of information and communications technology used in deliberative contexts to gather participant feedback using wired or wireless digital devices.
Voter information services include any publicly available information regarding the general process of voting and/or the specifics of a particular election such as candidates and polling locations.
Two new placements of continuity for refugees are placed in Constance under the protest of the residents. Based on expert interviews and a content analysis this paper argues that the so named consultation procedure by the municipal administration of Constance on new placements of continuity for refugees in effect cannot...
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