Agora 2.0



Agora 2.0 is a group of Italian young people devoted to create a software for law creation, law amending and law voting


Problems and Purpose

The group is working to create a software to enable collaborative governance. The system shall include law proposal, law amending and law voting. So far, the group has been tiepid in adopting vote delegation as there are fears of problems of vote intimidation and rigging. 


The group first started their work in 2009 by working on the basics of the project. The groups later on expanded from the original 4-5 people to the current 202 members (about 30-40 of them mostly active). As for now (end of 2011) the group has finalized the design part and it is working on the main coding and UI issues.

Participant Selection


Deliberation, Decisions, and Public Interaction


Influence, Outcomes, and Effects


Analysis and Criticism


Secondary Sources


External Links

FB page:!/groups/agora20/

Project presentation (in Italian):

Software main logics (in Italian):

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