Discussion, Dialogue, or Deliberation

Deliberative panel of 100 randomly selected citizens of Molenbeek (Brussels - Belgium) www.wam1080.be
This case documents the use of the Facebook group “Mouvement du 20 Février - Maroc - حركة 20 فبراير” and the citizen-led online open access Mamfakinch by Moroccan activists to express grievances, discuss, share uncensored information and to organize a broad based movement within Morocco coordinated around February 20th 2011.
This case documents how Ghanaian women were able to build consensus and draft the Women's Manifesto for Ghana through deliberative assembly meetings. The Manifesto offers analysis, prescriptive demands and establishes a Women’s Manifesto Coalition, to ensure that the human rights of women are upheld.
Participatory Forest Management (PFM) is a community-based approach to forest conservation and management. Melanie McDermott and Kate Schreckenberg, who write about equity in community forestry and the experiences faced in both North and South countries, describe community forestry as an ‘‘exercise by local people over decisions regarding management of forests,...
Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) schemes have become a primary way of financing healthcare in several developing countries today. In most countries, CBHI schemes are financed through general tax revenues or contributions from social insurance groups[i]. In Ethiopia, the CBHI initiative was set up as a community-based health project that...
An educational model that gives students equal say in determining curriculum and activities.
Problems and Purpose Women radio listening groups in Kenya are a democratic innovation in citizen participation as seen through the case of the Ford Foundation, that had considerable influence in funding a group in Malindi. Through various radio programs, marginalized women gain more knowledge and become empowered by learning about...
This case documents how ordinary people in northern Uganda are choosing to participate in informal settings on a daily basis. Here, away from the gaze of those in power, people are able to speak their minds with their friends and family, exploring the legitimacy, potential, and power of their concerns.

Method: BarCamp

Participatory workshops similar in form to Open Space Technology but which make use of online platforms to increase the scope of information sharing.
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