Contributing Content to Participedia



CASE: Articles about Cases include examples of participatory politics and governance of all shapes and sizes. Cases can be contemporary or historical, completed or ongoing.

METHOD: Articles about Methods provide information on the many processes used to guide innovations in participatory politics and overnance, suchas citizen juries, deliberative polling and participatory budgeting.

ORGANIZATION: Articles about Organizations provide profiles of formal and informal groups that design, implement or support innovations in participatory politics and governance. 

Contributing Content to Participedia

It is very easy for anyone to contribute content to Participedia about a case, method, or organization. Please register today so that you can contribute to the site; you will need to register in order to add or edit articles, or participate in discussions.

Once you are registered and logged in, you can contribute in several ways:

  1. Create a new case, method or organization article. From the Create Content page, choose the type of article you would like to draft. You don't have to be ready to write a complete article; you just need to get the article started. (If you just want to suggest an article for someone else to write, just enter the title of your article, and choose "stub" from the completeness drop-down.) Tabs toward the top of the entry form (for example, “purpose, history, participants” etc.) help guide you through the form. Some fields are open and ask you submit text, including a brief narrative description. Other fields prompt you to select from lists of possible responses.
  2. Edit or add to an existing entry. While viewing a case, method or organization article, click the "edit" tab at the top of the article to jump in and add to or amend the current entry. The "Revisions" tab allows you to display of all the contributors to the article and when they made their contribution.

  3. Start or join a discussion. You can comment on any case, method or organization by starting a discussion thread on that specific article. These discussions are a good way to flag an issue that needs further consideration or coverage, or to raise concerns about past revisions to an article. Just as every Wikipedia entry has a "discussion" tab for debates over that entry, we hope Participedians will engage in lively debates about our articles. You can start a new discussion on any entry, or if there is a discussion already underway, join in. 

  4. Nominate a Case, Method or Organization. Help grow the Participedia community by suggesting a potential Case, Method or Organization that you think should be added to the site. Simply click here to visit the forum, and provide a name, brief description and preferably a link to the Case, Method or Organization you would like to suggest. 


Contribute in any language

Participedia teams working in English and German have translated the wesite's interface into these two languages. All translations of article contents are provided by users. Please find instructions on how to translate existing Cases, Methods or Organizations in English & German here.

We are continuing to work towards a multilingual interface, including the translation of our case, method and organization submission forms. If you are interested in supporting the development of Participedia in your own language or region, please contact the Participedia team. In the meantime, please be assured that we are working on turning Participedia into a truly global, multilingual resource. Meanwhile, to access the website in additional languages, please use the Google Translate auto-translation tool found by clicking "other" at the top right-hand corner of any page. Please note that the Google translations have not been reviewed by our project staff. 

Guidelines for translating content to languages other than English & German:

If you would like to publish a new article in a language other than English or German, please indicate the language in parenthesis right after the name of the article - e.g. “Orcamento Participativo (Portuguese)”.

If you are fluent in more than one language, we encourage you to translate articles that are already in Participedia. If you do so, please use the following type of attribution at the very beginning of your article.

Note: this is an English translation of the original Italian case study that was first submitted by Maria Martinez on 01/19/2012, and which can be found at

Click here to view an example of how this attribution should be inserted in the body of an article.

If you translate an article into any language other than German, please be sure to also complete the corresponding entries in the data fields in addition to the main body of the article, found under the tabs labeled "History", "Purpose", "Other Info", etc. 

Including Images & Video

Including images and video to a Case, Method or Organization can enrich your content. Both these functions can be found under the "images" tab when editing your article. 

To include a link to a video found online, or an "existing" video, upload it here, then begin typing the title into the video upload block under the "images" tab of your article.