• Fall: Nouabook

    Problems and Purpose Nouabook is an online citizen-MP engagement platform in Morocco, launched by the non-profit, SimSim-Participation Citoyenne. The platform allows citizens to look up their MP and post questions or comments to be addressed by that person. Nouabook addresses the need for more opportunities for citizens to engage directly...
  • The OpenParlamento project was created by the OpenPolis association and launched in June 2009. OpenParlamento compiles information about all the legislative acts presented in the two chambers of the Italian Parliament (in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate) on a daily basis. Its goal is to offer a user-friendly,...
  • As one of the projects of The Pew Center for Civic Journalism, the San Francisco Online Voter Guide was designed to show how electronic filing of political disclosure records could significantly educate voters about campaign expenditure and contributions before the election was held
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    VouliWatch.gr (Vouli=Parliament in Greek) is a collaborative Internet project aimed at bridging the divide between citizens and Greek representatives. It of­fers Greek cit­i­zens the pos­si­bil­ity to ask pub­lic ques­tions to Greek MP’s and MEP’s, as well as well as crowd­sourc­ing cit­i­zen data for leg­is­la­tion.
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