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    Canada’s World was a three-year citizens’ dialogue focused on advancing a new vision for Canadian international policy. The initiative aimed to advance democratic development and to inspire citizens to formulate and advance their own future-oriented vision for Canadian international policy.
  • Problem Local and international communities heavily criticized the results of the 2002 general election of Pakistan and organizations as not only rigged, but also, unduly influenced by the military’s stronghold on public infrastructure and government. The Electoral Commission of Pakistan, as well as other watchdog not-for-profit and international organizations, usually...
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    Beginning in 1995, Malawi's programme faced a lack of state legitimacy and serious financial constraints. In response, the government began to incorporate traditional leadership to provide the participatory outcomes that decentralization had intended to produce.
  • Since the early 2000s, Uganda has placed an emphasis on bottom-up development by NGO’s and microfinance. The ‘people-centred’ approach to poverty alleviation and community development allows active participation and self-determination absent in the traditional market and state top-down models that discouraged popular participation and alienated citizens.
  • Fall: Nouabook

    Problems and Purpose Nouabook is an online citizen-MP engagement platform in Morocco, launched by the non-profit, SimSim-Participation Citoyenne. The platform allows citizens to look up their MP and post questions or comments to be addressed by that person. Nouabook addresses the need for more opportunities for citizens to engage directly...
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