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The 2016 budget consultations were the first to be conducted by the newly established Winnipeg Office of Public Engagement. The consultations consisted of a survey tool, a wikisurvey tool, and a picture-gathering campaign.
The Assembly met across two weekends to deliberate how Ireland should respond to the challenges and opportunities association with an ageing population. The Assembly agreed on 21 recommendations focusing on the state's duty to provide assistance in the form of long term care, independent living, income and pension provision, and...
The Occupy movement provides a case example of the use of social media to connect, organize, coordinate, and expand.
The European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) is an annual process of events held in Europe to foster local and national participation. The 2010 ELDW saw over 4000 towns, cities and villages in Europe participate by offering a number of events and activities open to citizens.
The participatory polling process concerned the removal of snow from public sidewalks in the town of Newton, Massachusetts. The question was proposed by Newton City Councilor Emily Norton. Constituents engaged with the question via online channels: email, mobile application, and html link.
Engagement HQ is a digital public engagement platform developed by Bang-the-Table. The platform gives users to hold online co-production and citizen engagement initiatives using tools like collaborative mapping and decision making.
The SDGs Kenya Forum for Sustainable Development is a participatory platform for civil society organizations (CSOs) within Kenya to collectively contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Established in 2015, the SDGs Kenya Forum for Sustainable Development is currently comprised of thirty committee member organizations, each...
Launched in March 2010, Pera Natin ‘to (It’s our money!) was an online initiative run by the Philippines Public Transparency Reporting Project (PPTRP) that aimed to educate Philippine citizens about local government practices and fostered efforts in citizen journalism.
In the UK, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council’s (BBSRC) Bioenergy Public Dialogue project ran from September 2012 until December 2013. It was co-funded by BBSRC and Sciencewise and was intended to “Allow the diverse perspectives of a range of UK residents, in the area of bioenergy, to be...

Methode: Town Hall

Definition A Town Hall is a meeting where members of a community come to discuss relevant issues and concerns, with a public official, government representative or decision-maker of some sort [1] . Participants are able to ask questions of officials, and officials have the opportunity to learn about the community’s...
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