Offen für alle mit gezielter Rekrutierung

Methode: Co-Creation

Note: the following entry is a stub. You can help Participedia by adding to it. Definition According to Dorthe Hedensted Lund, recent shifts in the understanding and practice of participatory urban governance has given way to a new understanding of social innovation, namely, 'co-creation'. By itself, participation can (and is)...
Methods Desk review: A judicial expert conducted a review of the Nigerian Judicial system from 1999–2016 to serve as literature to inform the project (see PWAN, 2017a). Training of observers: Citizen observers were trained on the Nigerian judicial system, observation methodology, court decorum, and etiquettes. They were assigned courts and...
Persons with Cerebral Palsy, long marginalized from communities and the disability movement in Uganda, led awareness campaigns, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement to collectively mobilize for inclusion and representation.
Engaging citizens in court observation in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory and Kano State improved transparency, accountability and integrity in the Nigerian judiciary.

Methode: Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a free service from Facebook where individuals and organisations can share a live video broadcast with an audience. Viewers can interact with the broadcast through 'reacting' and commenting on it.
Roundtable Discussions are small group discussions where all participants are given equal opportunity to participate and express viewpoints. They can involve citizens, advocates and experts/professional, either together or separately.
L'introduzione al progetto recita: "La saggezza dei contadini può diventare un importante guida nel ripensare l’attuale agricoltura, dando impulso alla sostenibilità socio-ambientale, promuovendo lo sviluppo di comunità, integrando tradizione ed innovazione". Il progetto è stato promosso da Cervia Turismo ed ha ottenenuto i finanziamenti per i processi partecipativi messi a...
The Deep Listening Circles process is designed to allow socially-vulnerable individuals to share their stories in a safe, inclusive environment.
The Boston Green Links plan has asked for public input via email and community bike rides about where to build better infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. This is part of a citywide shift towards a more community-inclusive planning process.
Note: the following entry is a stub. Please help us complete it. Definition Sustained Dialogue is defined as a 'changemaking process' which "Focuses on transforming relationships that cause problems, create conflict, and block change; and Emphasizes the importance of effective change over time" [1] Problems and Purpose History Participant Recruitment...
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