Offen für alle mit gezielter Rekrutierung

The Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation is an adaptive planning framework utilized by local governments and NGOs around the world to collaboratively and systematically conserve flora and fauna.
SGI is a method used by the JDPC to connect and network with other aid organizations and government officials in order to secure the resources and support necessary for the implementation of its Good Governance Project.
PLI is a pro-poor method of advocacy used by the Justice, Development and Peace Commission to implement their Democratic and Election Monitoring (Good Governance) Project in Nigeria.
Project Green Bloc was a neighborhood-level initiative that engaged and mobilized residents in climate change mitigation and local consumption reduction.
This article discusses the use of People's Parleys - a form of town hall meeting organized by the Justice Development and Peace Commission, a faith-based organization in Nigeria.
A case study analyzing the organization, causes and effects of a public participatory process in Germany. The initiative took place in a small village in SW Germany which has experienced "Demografischer Wandel" or demographic change which is characterized by aging populations, emigration, declining general amenity, as and deterioration in basic...
The Enquiry-by-Design method is used in urban renewal projects and involves a consensus building approach among a diverse array of participants. Citizens are involved from the very beginning of the project till the final stages and are assisted by a technical team, stakeholders and government officials.
The Democracy and Election Monitoring (Good Governance) Project aims to provide a forum for the citizens of Ogun State in Nigeria to express their political opinions, ensure free and fair elections, and hold elected leaders accountable for their campaign promises.
A protest in downtown Vancouver organized on the second anniversary of the spill at the Mount Polley mine in B.C’s Interior. Four protesters were arrested, while an additional 15 to 20 people remained outside to continue the lawful demonstration. The mine remains open.
Held in Bahia, Brazil, the 13th AWID International Forum brought together 1700 activists from over 140 countries from around the world. The forum focused on funding of women's rights groups in developing countries, ending violence against women, and women fighting for climate and environmental justice.
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