Offen für alle mit gezielter Rekrutierung

A conference bringing Inuit youth from Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Russia together to deliberate on issues surrounding the idea of a common language among all Inuit peoples across the world in order to promote a unified Inuit community.
A deliberative polling experiment used to explore the forms of democratic deficits that directly affect EU citizens, evidenced by the low turn-out in the 2009 European Parliament (EP) elections. Participants selected from more than 4,000 European citizens from 27 member states were polled for their views on immigration, climate change...
To ensure that the California public had a real voice in the reform process, six local health care foundations invited the national nonprofit organization AmericaSpeaks to facilitate a statewide town meeting to weigh in on the reforms being considered by state leaders.
Beginning as a series of focus groups to study rifts in communication between politicians, public and the media, according to Civic Journalism, the Front Porch Forum succeeded in bringing together several media outlets that had previously been competitors. In the end, these media outlets also brought politicians together with voters...

Methode: WE-DECIDE

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The UNOP was established because both the City of New Orleans and the Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA) require the creation of a recovery plan following Hurricane Katrina and for all future natural disasters. The Plan included input from citizens, organized groups, and government officials on the post-disaster recovery program. The...
Nearly 20 years after the Salford City Council began devolving part of its budget to Community Committees, Participatory Budgeting was implemented to give more residents the ability to decide which projects to approve and fund. A total of three pilots were held in Claremont & Weaste and East Salford, two...
The Poitou-Charentes Region is located in the West of France and is one of the most rural regions in France. In 2005, the executive of the Region Poitou-Charentes implemented the first regional level participatory budget in Europe. Over 50,000 residents - 30,000 of whom were students - participated between 2005 and 2009.
A randomized field experiment to study the difference in decision-making and legitimacy between town meetings and plebiscitary (direct voting) methods. The experimenter - Benjamin Olken - examined this question in the context of decisions about infrastructure investments in Indonesian villages.
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