Offen für alle mit gezielter Rekrutierung

Occupy Flagstaff House was a protest against government corruption and failure to provide basic social services. Led by a small group of middle-class professionals, the protest began as an online hashtag #occupyflagstaffhouse but soon migrated to the streets where people marched on Flagstaff House, the office and residence of then...
NOLA for Life was established by a municipal cross-departmental committee to take a public health approach to combating violence based on community engagement and listening sessions.

Methode: Focus Group

A focus group is a type of qualitative research method in which participants are asked about their opinions on a certain topic. It has traditionally been used in both market research, to gather feedback on a product, and social science research. However, focus groups are also used as a public...
A joint effort between the Government of Afghanistan and the World Bank to to extend the reach of government services, spur development, and foster participation in civil society through the creation of gender-equal neighborhood-level community development corporations.
Il Piano di gestione del rischio alluvioni compete all'Autorità di bacino del Po. La Direttiva Europea 2007/60/CE, recepita nel diritto italiano con D.Lgs. 49/2010, ha dato avvio ad una nuova fase della politica nazionale per la gestione del rischio di alluvioni, che il Piano di gestione del rischio di alluvioni...
Creative planning is a deliberative technique often embedded within a larger participatory planning process. It's goal is to relieve participants of practical or analytical constraints so that brainstorming and idea generation can flow organically without worrying that one is straying too far 'outside the box'.

Methode: Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an alternative finance model whereby funds are sourced from a large number of individuals (a ‘crowd’). Crowdfunding has gained new popularity with online cites such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe which connect project creators directly to potential backers.
With the launch of the Open Data Initiative (ODI), Alameda County (CA) became one of the first county-level jurisdictions in the United States to launch an open data program in 2012. County officials developed a system was developed for making a range of data sets generated and used by government...

Methode: Q Methodology

An interactive and reflective process incorporating both quantitative and qualitative methods to provide a robust method of studying individuals' subjectivity. A Q study involves participants sorting a set of statements or pictures to make a map of their own opinion. Factor analysis enables the clustering of shared viewpoints, discourses or...
MediaLab Prado's ParticipaLAB is a social innovation laboratory in Madrid that supports the design of digital tools for citizen engagement and public participation.
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