Medialab-Prado's ParticipaLAB Social Innovation Laboratory (Madrid)

Brief Description

MediaLab Prado's ParticipaLAB is a social innovation laboratory in Madrid that supports the design of digital tools for citizen engagement and public participation. 

Problems and Purpose

How can we activate collective intelligence processes? How can these processes improve the way that democracy functions? Can public policy be constructed using democratic participation tools, platforms and methodologies created by citizens on a collaborative basis?

New tools are needed to harness new network technologies towards the realization of direct and deliberative democracy. The democratic cities of the future demand new technologies to enable distributed forms of political action and collaborative decision-making. To this end the Medialab-Prado ParticipaLAB is a social innovation laboratory that allows people from all over the world to think together and develop new digital mechanisms that address challenges relating to democratic participation on the internet: collaborative filtering, deliberation and discussion, decision-making, offline-online flow, joint participation processes and strategies, collaborative drafting of legislation, etc.


MediaLab-Prado is part of a city-wide initiative to increase citizen participation, create government transparency, and improve public-service delivery using information and communications technology. Madrid's committment to the use and expansion of civic tech has been officially supported and implemented since 2013.  

Participant Recruitment and Selection

Deliberation, Decisions, and Public Interaction

Influence, Outcomes, and Effects

Analysis and Lessons Learned

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