Bruno Valette

Senior Consultant
Member Since: 
Jul 19 '17
Bruno Valette is the founder of PARTICITIZ, association for the promotion of citizens' participation and deliberation, based in Brussels. Bruno is also the founder of Inventio Group, a communication agency specializing in European affairs and the founder of GreenEve, a company specialized in events management in connection with European institutionsHe is Bio-Engineer graduate of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He worked for 10 years in the field of development co-operation.Passionate about local, national and international politics, he then held several positions as advisor to Belgian Federal and Regional Ministers and then as Head of Cabinet to the Vice-President of the European Parliament.Particularly interested in the issues of citizens' participation & deliberation in political debates, from local to supranational levels, he has been the driving force behind many citizens' participation projects, including the pan-European deliberative polls "Tomorrow's Europe" (2007) and "EuroPolis" (2009), the Citizens' Agoras of the European Parliament (2011 & 2013), online deliberation of the "EU-Engage project" (2016), panels of Belgian citizens "Climacteurs"(2105), "Canal Citoyen"(2016), "We Are Molenbeek"(2017).