citizen engagement

PWAN enhances citizens’ participation and improves security governance in Nigeria and West Africa. Our vision is for there to be"robust good governance & accountable institutions in Nigeria and west Africa." PWAN commenced operations on 2nd March, 2016 as a non-governmental organization dedicated to enhancing citizen's participation and improving security governance...
History In 2003, Dalton McGuinty was elected as Ontario’s new liberal Premier. Following his appointment, there was a prominent focus on ‘democratic renewal’ and transparency within the government (Office of the Premier, 2003). McGuinty’s government was faced with the challenge of balancing an inherited deficit and fulfilling the changes Ontarians...

Organisation: Bang the Table

Bang the Table is an Australian based organisation specialising in online engagement. They primarily provide two types of software designed for stakeholder and citizen engagement: EngagementHQ for community engagement, and Budget Allocator, a participatory budgeting software.
An electoral district forum is an online non-partisan discussion board for the constituents of a single officeholder to interact with their political leaders and each other.
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