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    Hepburn Shire is a local government area in Victoria, Australia. In 2013 the council in Hepburn embarked on a community engagement process to help create the council's strategic plan. The process involved a series of town meetings, an online forum with OurSay, culminating in a 'Conference of Big Ideas' workshop...
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    Canada’s World was a three-year citizens’ dialogue focused on advancing a new vision for Canadian international policy. The initiative aimed to advance democratic development and to inspire citizens to formulate and advance their own future-oriented vision for Canadian international policy.
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  • The G1000 summit was an innovative experiment in deliberative democracy attempting to deal with Belgium's recent "democratic crisis" by essentially bringing residents together to renovate the representative democratic system originally implemented in 1831. The summit was divided into three phases, the first of which started in July of 2011 with...
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    An open dialogue focused on rebuilding lower Manhattan after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Two forums and an online deliberation gave citizens the opportunity to meet, to hear the city’s plans for rebuilding Ground Zero, and to voice their opinions, hopes and concerns about the future of the community.
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