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    In response to the 1994 Popular Participation Law mandating the decentralization of government processes, USAID implemented the Democratic Development and Citizens Participation project to strengthen local, community-based governance.
  • Formally opened in 2009, Mongolia's Citizens' Hall is designed to encourage civil participation in the legislation and decision-making process by engaging citizens in a consultation procedure open to any one of Mongolia’s 2.7 million citizens.
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    Note: the following article is a stub. Please help us complete it. Problems and Purpose Top-down policies to conserve these have failed due to the lack of appropriate monitoring and enforcement capacities and because considerations of social fairness prevent government authorities from effectively implementing a purely prohibitive approach. Lore Lindu...
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    Note: For a full case analysis of this subject please see the article "Citizen Councils of Grenoble, France" by Pauline Cescau available at: Summary This case study features Conseils de quarter, or "neighborhood councils," which are infra-municipal participatory forums that serve as consultative bodies mandated by law in French...
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