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  • Copyright enforcement through digital technologies called DRM make surveillance possible. Defective by Design fight against DRM making the case against corporate surveillance.
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    A protest in downtown Vancouver organized on the second anniversary of the spill at the Mount Polley mine in B.C’s Interior. Four protesters were arrested, while an additional 15 to 20 people remained outside to continue the lawful demonstration. The mine remains open.
  • Sparked by an increase in public transportation fares, the June Journeys evolved into a series of massive demonstrations to promote a democratic reoccupation of urban spaces, to end government corruption, to improve public services, and various other political foci.
  • The majority of Kenyan youth is traditionally excluded from meaningful participation in civic processes; therefore, the Coalition for Kenya Youth Manifesto felt it was important that their perspectives, needs and aspirations should be brought together in one united philosophy. This was accomplished through a collaborative writing process covering the six...
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