• Definition Asset-Based Community Development is a communication methodology that utilizes the individual strengths and skills of citizens to build stronger communities and establish sustainable development. Instead of focusing on solving a specific problem, the ABCD approach focuses on applying individual local assets to problems to create meaningful change. The development...
  • Audience response systems (ARS) are a kind of information and communications technology used in deliberative contexts to gather participant feedback using wired or wireless digital devices.
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    Definition Block by Block is an innovative partnership between Mojang, the makers of the videogame Minecraft, and UN-Habitat, the UN Programme for Sustainable Cities. We use Minecraft as a community participation tool in urban design and fund the implementation of public space projects all over the world, with a focus...
  • These were youth-centred forums to deliberate on key issues to include in the Municipal Youth Policy, to define the implementation plan, and to determine progress and evaluate successes.
  • Method: Carticipe

    Definition Carticipe is a participatory platform designed to foster citizens debate and consultation on city-related matters. The tool combines social networks and interactive maps Problems and Purpose Inolve and engage citizens in decision making on city-related matters and urban planning processes. History Carticipe (or Debatomap’) was created in 2013 by...
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