• Cabildo Abierto (pluralized as Cabildos Abiertos), translates as "Open Town Council." It is a form of deliberative meeting that has used in South and Central America beginning in the 16th Century. The Cabildo Abierto was originally used to assemble citizens in case of emergencies and disasters. They also served as...
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    Citizen Advisory Boards are a local government entity which consists of volunteer citizens from the community they represent. Citizen Advisory Boards add to the deliberative quality of a democracy by involving everyday citizens in political processes that help shape the policies of a local government. Definition The responsibilities of a...
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    Whilst a precise definition is contested, collaborative governance generally refers to a process of decision making, service delivery or problem solving where government agencies engage a number of external organisations. Working together, this multi-organisation approach is effective in addressing challenging public policy issues that cannot be solved by a single...
  • Consensus forums are similar to consensus conferences but differ in the number of participants actively involved in the decision making process. The forum setting brings together a diverse range of citizens who work in small groups to develop common points of agreements around an issue.
  • Method: ConsiderIt

    ConsiderIt is an internet-based platform that allows users to examine trade-offs and the vantage points of other users on proposed actions such as ballot measures, by forming deliberation around a list of pro and cons authored, adopted, and shared by other users.
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