• Aggora Ekklesia is an experimental approach aiming to support fundamental human needs within a process of political decision-making. It was trialled in a small village in the Czech Republic.
  • Choicework Dialogue -- also called Choice-Dialogue or ChoiceDialogue -- developed by Viewpoint Learning, is a structured and facilitated method of face-to-face, in-person deliberation in which a representative sample of approximately 40 individuals deliberates for 8 hours about a policy issue. The method requires participants to read workbooks containing information about...
  • A Citizens' Summit is a large, deliberative event on broad topic. Summits are typically organized to inform citizens on an issue and to gather feedback or proposals.
  • Definition Civic education refers to various processes of education in self-government. It rests on the assumption that qualities necessary for democratic discourses and common decision making do not emerge by themselves but need to be acquired through education. This does not necessarily refer to teaching and learning in the education...
  • Civic or 'public' journalism treats writers and readers of news media as participants in the democratic process rather than passive reporters or observers. Civic journalism reports news in a way that encourages and facilitates public deliberation on political and social issues.
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