• Definition Asset-Based Community Development is a communication methodology that utilizes the individual strengths and skills of citizens to build stronger communities and establish sustainable development. Instead of focusing on solving a specific problem, the ABCD approach focuses on applying individual local assets to problems to create meaningful change. The development...
  • Method: BarCamp

    Participatory workshops are similar in form to Open Space Technology but which make use of online platforms to increase the scope of information sharing.
  • Method: Choicebook

    Choicebook is an online survey tool used primarily by national governments to source public opinion on various policy issues. Each public consultation publicizes a dedicated Choicebook website. Participants are provided with background material on the policy issue and guided through a series of questions with fixed, multiple-choice response options. The...
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    Definition A Citizens’ Jury is composed of a group often of around 18-24 randomly selected citizens, representative of the demographics in the area, that come together to deliberate on an issue. Over the period of 4-7 days the jury hears from expert witnesses that are knowledgeable on the topic and...
  • Citizens' Reference Panels are similar in form to Citizens' Juries. They involve a relatively small group of citizens, randomly selected, meeting over several weeks or months to deliberate upon a given issue. They are usually convened by government and have been most extensively in Canada on issues surrounding healthcare.
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