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    Definition Crowdsourcing is a phenomenon in which an organization calls upon both professionals and amateurs to help solve a problem, design a product, or analyze large amounts of data at a lower cost and often greater quality and speed than through conventional research and development methods. Although it is not...
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    The United States' National Issues Forum is a non-partisan, nationwide network of locally created public forums oriented towards the deliberation of public and political issues.
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    Definition Pop-up democracy is a term for institutional forms that use temporary, site-specific practices to provide opportunities for increased local political and civic participation. Problem and Purpose The idea of pop-up democracy is built on the notion that the trend in urban social design towards temporary, small-scale installations provides opportunities...
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    Definition According to the Oxford English Dictionary, social media encompasses "websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking." [1] In the context of public participation initiatives, social media is often used as a supplementary channel of engagement used to inform participants...
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    Definition The Socratic Café (also known as Socrates Café) is a democratic discussion forum based on the more commonly known Socratic Method, which focuses its intentions on being an open system that allows for philosophical questioning. An unofficial mantra describing both is that we (people) learn more when we question,...
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