• Aggora Ekklesia is an experimental approach aiming to support fundamental human needs within a process of political decision-making. It was trialled in a small village in the Czech Republic.
  • Method: BarCamp

    Participatory workshops are similar in form to Open Space Technology but which make use of online platforms to increase the scope of information sharing.
  • Cabildo Abierto (pluralized as Cabildos Abiertos), translates as "Open Town Council." It is a form of deliberative meeting that has used in South and Central America beginning in the 16th Century. The Cabildo Abierto was originally used to assemble citizens in case of emergencies and disasters. They also served as...
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    Conversation Cafes are openly hosted conversations in local coffee shops, but are also widely entertained inside, but not limited to, restaurants, conference rooms, churches, and classrooms. This participatory method was intentionally designed in efforts to gather friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and strangers to exchange something more than "small talk" on a...
  • Method: Deliberation

    Definition The term deliberation describes a communicative process with the goal of finding solutions to given problems. Definitions of deliberation vary greatly from very open conceptions that basically include any kind of talk to conceptions that focus on a rational discourse and specific ways of expression. These different notions of...
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