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    Direct democracy broadly refers to the unmediated engagement of citizens in government or in governing themselves. In contrast to representative democracy, direct democracy has all citizens directly participate in deciding public matters.
  • Update February 2015: the e-Deliberation platform has been retired; it failed to reach escape velocity. An e‑Deliberation™ event is a collaborative deliberation process mediated online. Participants work individually, in teams, and as a group to address or resolve the Focus of the event. The process is systematic and is consent-based...
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    Online deliberation in the broadest sense encompasses all kinds of discursive online platforms that have emerged since the spread of online communication in the early 1990s. Thus online deliberation can refer to communicative interaction via social media, in real time chats, in online forums, on blogs or comment sections.
  • This article discusses the use of People's Parleys - a form of town hall meeting organized by the Justice Development and Peace Commission, a faith-based organization in Nigeria.
  • PLI is a pro-poor method of advocacy used by the Justice, Development and Peace Commission to implement their Democratic and Election Monitoring (Good Governance) Project in Nigeria.
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