• A Citizens' Assembly is a group of citizens randomly selected to deliberate on a significant issue and provide recommendations on the variety of options available. They can take place at the national or regional level and are sometimes empowered by government, although not always.
  • Definition Civic education refers to various processes of education in self-government. It rests on the assumption that qualities necessary for democratic discourses and common decision making do not emerge by themselves but need to be acquired through education. This does not necessarily refer to teaching and learning in the education...
  • Civic or 'public' journalism treats writers and readers of news media as participants in the democratic process rather than passive reporters or observers. Civic journalism reports news in a way that encourages and facilitates public deliberation on political and social issues.
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    Civic lottery refers to the contemporary use of sortition or allotment: a lottery-based selection technique used to draw a fair, representative sample of citizens for invitation or inclusion in anything from participatory events to public office. It is based on the premise that all citizens in a democracy have an...
  • Method: CiviComment

    CiviComment is a subscription-based online application that allows members to collect and manage public comments online.
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