• Method: Co-Creation

    Note: the following entry is a stub. You can help Participedia by adding to it. Definition According to Dorthe Hedensted Lund, recent shifts in the understanding and practice of participatory urban governance has given way to a new understanding of social innovation, namely, 'co-creation'. By itself, participation can (and is)...
  • Co-operatives are groups, businesses, or organizations run by their members.
  • Collaborative design covers a broad range of methods and techniques used to engage citizen participants in a project's design process from the beginning.
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    Whilst a precise definition is contested, collaborative governance generally refers to a process of decision making, service delivery or problem solving where government agencies engage a number of external organisations. Working together, this multi-organisation approach is effective in addressing challenging public policy issues that cannot be solved by a single...
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    Description According to scholars Thomas Gunton and J.C. Day, collaborative planning is a “civics-based model of planning that delegates responsibility for preparing plans directly to affected stakeholders.”[1] Also known as ‘shared decision-making’ or ‘communicative planning’, this approach focuses on the use of collaborative, consensus-based practices in designing everything from governance...
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