• Method: Charrette

    A charrette is a method of deliberation, through which participants from different subgroups of society reach a consensus position in a relatively short time.
  • Choicework Dialogue -- also called Choice-Dialogue or ChoiceDialogue -- developed by Viewpoint Learning, is a structured and facilitated method of face-to-face, in-person deliberation in which a representative sample of approximately 40 individuals deliberates for 8 hours about a policy issue. The method requires participants to read workbooks containing information about...
  • Method: ConsiderIt

    ConsiderIt is an internet-based platform that allows users to examine trade-offs and the vantage points of other users on proposed actions such as ballot measures, by forming deliberation around a list of pro and cons authored, adopted, and shared by other users.
  • Method: Deliberation

    Definition The term deliberation describes a communicative process with the goal of finding solutions to given problems. Definitions of deliberation vary greatly from very open conceptions that basically include any kind of talk to conceptions that focus on a rational discourse and specific ways of expression. These different notions of...
  • Author: Isadora Borges Monroy. Few discussions about democratic innovations neglect to include the promise of technological gimmicks and the possibility of new information networks having a snowballing effect on political participation. In Democratic Innovations: Designing institutions for citizen participation Graham Smith takes a critical look at how processes like town...
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