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Method: Doparie

Definition The ‘doparie’ is an Intra-Party Deliberative Referendum mechanism that is meant to improve the internal decision making process within parties in between elections. Problems and Purpose Raffaele Calabretta, a senior researcher at the Italian National Research Council developed this mechanism to be used by party members in between elections...
Direct Representation is a method offering a minimal set of activities to informally fuse aspects of direct and representative democracy, offering constituents a more authentic political conversation, and eliminating the need to await wider political reforms.
Definition Neighbourhood councils have been a part of Québec city’s democratic life for 20 years. The first experiences were implemented by the Ville de Québec in 1993, in order to get the citizens more closely involved in municipal politics. The concept was extended to the whole city territory in 1997...

Method: Deebase

Deebase is a content management system (CMS) aimed at supporting communities in fostering the exchange of ideas among their members, turning chaotic interactions into fully-fledged debates.
Online consultations or e-consultations refer to an exchange between government and citizens using the Internet. They are one form of online deliberation.
Definition Citizen Conferences allow for citizens to deliberate and provide policy recommendations for a government entity. The government entity can then use these recommendations to better meet the needs of its citizens. Citizen Conferences are comparable to Citizens' Juries and to Consensus Conferences . Participants The participants in citizen conferences...
Definition A Scenario Workshop is a participatory method encouraging local action with a mix of scenario and workshop which aims to solve local problems and anticipate future ones [ 1] . Scenarios involve narrative descriptions of potential future problems that emphasize relationships between events and decision points [2] . In...
Magic Roundtables are a deliberative technique used to encourage equal participation on one or more issues.
Note: the following entry is a stub. Please help us complete it. Definition The "liquid democracy" (LD) method of governance seeks to decentralize various rigid limits of democracy. Many use the term Liquid Democracy to describe internet-based Delegated Voting but online Liquid Democracy platforms such as LiquidFeedback and Adhocracy also...
Public hearings are “open gathering[s] of officials and citizens, in which citizens are permitted to offer comments, but officials are not obliged to act on them or, typically, even to respond publicly."
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