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The project "Energy Transition North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) - Citizens shape the conversion of the energy system” belongs to the research cluster “Governance & Participation” and is part of the Virtual Institute (VI) “Transformation – Energy Transition NRW”. The project idea is based on a participation-oriented implementation of the energy transition...
A project of Public participation in Water Governance in Greece, on Managing the Anthemountas River Basin, under the WFD provisions and the funding of EU LIFE programme.
Their mission is to ‘engage the people of Austin in meaningful civic dialogue focused on public issues, hosted by community volunteers across the entire city’ (Conversation Corps, 2017b).
Problems and Purpose Digital Democracy; a virtual composition of state legislative hearings. This programme was designed as part of a non-partisan approach to raise levels of governmental transparency. This democratic innovation aims to support policymakers and the media in documenting governmental decisions on the ratification of legislative bills. This project...

Method: Mapping

Mapping involves the visual representation of the connection between location and personal details such as individual or community values, assets, history, and goals.
Definition The Citizens' Initative Review is a participatory democratic innovation that has been adopted and adapted by several governing bodies such as, most famously, the State of Oregon and, more recently, in the states of Colorado and Massachusetts. Generally speaking, a Citizens' Initiative Review involves the evaluation of one or...
Self-governance is the exercise of power or control over oneself without external interference.
A Citizens' Summit is a large, deliberative event on broad topic. Summits are typically organized to inform citizens on an issue and to gather feedback or proposals.
A public consultation on the acceptable policy responses on mammography screening initiated by a McMaster University research team.
Note: the following entry is a stub. Please help us complete it. Definition Social innovation labs (otherwise known as design labs, change labs, civic experiments) offer a space for collaborative action on 'wicked' problems. According to Darcy Riddell, Director of Strategic Learning for the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, "Social Innovation...
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