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Few years back, the Department of School Education & Literacy (D/o SE&L) in India prepared the core scope document that focused on the delivery of education as service using Information & Technology (IT) platform. In the process of core scope document preparation, active participation of all stakeholders was ensured and...
Ecosystem-based management (EBM) is a conceptual approach to governance that links human and ecological systems through adaptive management approaches.
Fully established in 2016, participatory budgeting in Madrid is carried out through an online voting platform which, although short on deliberation, makes the process accessible to anyone with an internet connection.
The Nepalese system of participatory budgeting is a unique, multi-layered PB method which focusses on maximal community participation and decision-making based on dialogue and deliberation.

Method: Doparie

Definition The ‘doparie’ is an Intra-Party Deliberative Referendum mechanism that is meant to improve the internal decision making process within parties in between elections. Problems and Purpose Raffaele Calabretta, a senior researcher at the Italian National Research Council developed this mechanism to be used by party members in between elections...
Definition Civic education refers to various processes of education in self-government. It rests on the assumption that qualities necessary for democratic discourses and common decision making do not emerge by themselves but need to be acquired through education. This does not necessarily refer to teaching and learning in the education...
Problems and Purpose The history of the Nazi regime still has a great effect on citizens living in the three neighbouring villages of Mauthausen, Gusen and St. Georgen in Austria. The historic legacy is manifest in buildings of the concentration camps in Mauthausen and Gusen and an armament factory of...
Construindo a Política de Saúde no Brasil por meio de governança participativa.
Building the Brazilian Health Policy by empowered participatory institutions: how and to what extent Conferences on Health have determined that Policy.
SPD Online - Antrag 2011 Onlinepartizipationsverfahren für ein Kapitel eines Leitantrages für ein Bundesparteitag 1. Einleitung Parteien sind eine der denkbaren Organisationen die Online – Partizipationsformen initiieren. In der jüngeren Vergangenheit gab es dementsprechend einige Versuche und Anstrengungen von Parteien verschiedene Wege von Partizipationsmöglichkeiten auch online anzubieten. Im hier vorliegenden...
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