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Participatory Budgeting in Merced County, California. History In June of 2017, it was decided that Merced County, California, would have $200,000 directed towards community projects chosen by the inhabitants of Merced County, as a form of participatory budgeting. The main actors in this process coming about were District supervisors Rodrigo...
Problems and Purpose and History The Ontario Citizens Assembly on Electoral Reform was a response to the supposed democratic deficiency in Canada at the time of its inception. The Ontario Government took inspiration from the province of British Columbia who held their own Citizens Assembly prior on electoral reform. The...
Budget Talks: Citizen Participation in Ontario, Canada History In 2003, Dalton McGuinty was elected as Ontario’s new liberal Premier. Following his appointment, there was a prominent focus on ‘democratic renewal’ and transparency within the government (Office of the Premier, 2003). McGuinty’s government was faced with the challenge of balancing an...
Unlike 'institutionalized' forms of participation, informal methods of engagement are acted out on a day-to-day basis as part of routine human interaction. Although informal participation takes place outside of political institutions, the kinds of interaction may be the same including dialogue, deliberation, collaborative decision-making, etc.
Citizen journalism is news collected, reported, and analyzed by the public for the public.
This case documents how ordinary people in northern Uganda are choosing to participate in informal settings on a daily basis. Here, away from the gaze of those in power, people are able to speak their minds with their friends and family, exploring the legitimacy, potential, and power of their concerns.

Method: Social Media

Note: the following entry is a stub. Please help us complete it. Definition According to the Oxford English Dictionary, social media encompasses "websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking." [1] In the context of public participation initiatives, social media is...

Method: BarCamp

Participatory workshops similar in form to Open Space Technology but which make use of online platforms to increase the scope of information sharing.
Micro-utopias are temporary manifestations of an ideal civic culture where participants test an aspirational political concept, process or social interaction.
The Council of Vicenza (IT) introduced its first process of participatory budgeting from April to December 2016. The main purpose of this initiative was to empower citizens making them able to make proposals and then to vote about proposals related to improvement of public spaces.
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