Philanthropic Organization (i.e. dedicated to making monetary grants or gifts)

The Democracy Project, a youth-led program at Byrne Creek High School in Burnaby, Canada, used participatory education to empower students to make student representation more inclusive through district-wide policy change.

Method: Microfinance

Microfinance encompasses a broad category of financial products and services offered to poor or socially marginalized individuals. Unlike other products and services under the banner of 'alternative financial institutions', microfinance typically serves those living in poor countries or communities where access to "high-quality financial products and services, including not just...
In 2012, plans for the construction of a new Mental Health Center of Denver began under the title ‘The Dahlia Project.’ Initially, fundraising was the only form of community engagement pursued by organizers; however, in-depth public consultations became necessary to proceed with the development when local residents protested against the...
Problems and Purpose Digital Democracy; a virtual composition of state legislative hearings. This programme was designed as part of a non-partisan approach to raise levels of governmental transparency. This democratic innovation aims to support policymakers and the media in documenting governmental decisions on the ratification of legislative bills. This project...

Method: Mapping

Mapping involves the visual representation of the connection between location and personal details such as individual or community values, assets, history, and goals.
Definition The Citizens' Initative Review is a participatory democratic innovation that has been adopted and adapted by several governing bodies such as, most famously, the State of Oregon and, more recently, in the states of Colorado and Massachusetts. Generally speaking, a Citizens' Initiative Review involves the evaluation of one or...
Civic or 'public' journalism treats writers and readers of news media as participants in the democratic process rather than passive reporters or observers. Civic journalism reports news in a way that encourages and facilitates public deliberation on political and social issues.
This case documents the use of the Facebook group “Mouvement du 20 Février - Maroc - حركة 20 فبراير” and the citizen-led online open access Mamfakinch by Moroccan activists to express grievances, discuss, share uncensored information and to organize a broad based movement within Morocco coordinated around February 20th 2011.
This case documents how Ghanaian women were able to build consensus and draft the Women's Manifesto for Ghana through deliberative assembly meetings. The Manifesto offers analysis, prescriptive demands and establishes a Women’s Manifesto Coalition, to ensure that the human rights of women are upheld.
Problems and Purpose The so-called ‘Internet of Things’ - using the Internet to allow physical appliances to connect with other tools on the network - offers policymakers the opportunity to collect and share massive amounts of data about constituents’ behavior to guide and improve public well-being. Seeking to capitalize upon...
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