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The following is a suggested structure. We recommend users follow these headings to make it easier to compare and analyze entries. Mission and Purpose The entity aim to seek the promotion of communities in Bela Vista district, Montenegro/RS, aiming the emancipation of those involved. This is only possible through reflective...
Their mission is to ‘engage the people of Austin in meaningful civic dialogue focused on public issues, hosted by community volunteers across the entire city’ (Conversation Corps, 2017b).
Dall’idea di un giovane studente di architettura (Mariano Marmo) nasce un progetto di coinvolgimento dei giovani alla realizzazione di opere artistiche con una tecnica originale (anamorfosi) per la riappropriazione simbolica di luoghi degradati e la comunicazione di messaggi pubblici di riscatto sociale.

Organization: Gen Why Media

Gen Why Media is a non-profit organization specializing in producing media, events, and participatory art aimed at engaging the public in social and political issues.
The Global Shapers Community is “a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities” (Global Shapers World Economic Forum website). Since its inception, the GSTH has identified a number of themes...
Problems and Purpose The “ Repúblicas” (republics) of Coimbra are students’ community houses, whose history dates back to the origins of Portuguese university, in the XIV century. They are spaces of living and conviviality with a specific culture, generated by a centuries-long tradition. The republics are the most ancient and...
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AYO is a grassroots, citizen-led movement in Winnipeg dedicated to youth empowerment and community capacity building.

Organization: Creative Publics Lab

Housed at the SFU School of Communications, Creative Publics Lab reimagines the university course work as an incubator for new political practices. We bring together post-secondary students with local practitioners to work on experimental art and media projects aimed at engaging the public in issues of local concern.
Il Consiglio Comunale di Pistoia, con deliberazione n° 100 del 22/9/2014, dopo approfondita discussione sui fatti accaduti durante la Giostra dell’Orso del 2014, ha raccomandato che la città fosse chiamata ad esprimersi tramite Referendum Consultivo in merito alla eventuale edizione 2016 della manifestazione.
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