Identity & Diversity

Their mission is to ‘engage the people of Austin in meaningful civic dialogue focused on public issues, hosted by community volunteers across the entire city’ (Conversation Corps, 2017b).
After gaining self-governance in 2003 the Carcross/Tagish First Nation has been creating a system of governance rooted in their history and people. Each step of the way provides innovative and interesting examples of self-governance and democratic decision-making. They are gradually developing policies in a number of domains, including elders, finance,...
Black Lives Matter (BLM) est un mouvement pour l’équité raciale et la fin de la brutalité policière envers des Afro-Américains et l’oppression internationale des personnes noires.
Beginning in 1970, the Mazdoor Kisan Party and associated peasant movements undertook campaigns to pressure landlords to implement tenancy law and to control rents. The movement was empowering for those involved, ultimately forcing the state apparatus and government to become more accountable to the demands of the peasantry, as opposed...
We Are Molenbeek (WAM1080) was a Citizens' Panel on radicalization and community reconciliation in the Belgian municipality of Molenbeek. Specifically, participants discussed the issues of youth radicalization (causes and preventative measures) and integration (current approaches and future avenues).
In many Sub-Saharan African contexts, the promotion of gender equality and women's empowerment is an imperative. Kenya's radio listening groups and radio programmes further this goal by disseminating the information necessary for women to claim their rights as citizens and to claim access to government services.
This case documents how ordinary people in northern Uganda are choosing to participate in informal settings on a daily basis. Here, away from the gaze of those in power, people are able to speak their minds with their friends and family, exploring the legitimacy, potential, and power of their concerns.
AYO is a grassroots, citizen-led movement in Winnipeg dedicated to youth empowerment and community capacity building.

Organization: Assembly

The Assembly, released online on 19.04.2017, has been created by Dr. Andrej Poleev for purposes of common prosperity, as stated on the corresponding page.
Purpose and Interest of the Case This paper aims to provide some information about the public consultation carried out by the Bolivian government regarding the construction of a highway that would cross the TIPNIS: a national park and indigenous territory. This case study is instructive because it is one of...
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