Planning (e.g. Urban planning, Transportation, etc.)

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A project of Public participation in Water Governance in Greece, on Managing the Anthemountas River Basin, under the WFD provisions and the funding of EU LIFE programme.
The Tennessee Department of Transport utilise technologically innovative democratic innovations to enable broad public involvement in policy-making regarding statewide expenditure on transport.
Participatory Budgeting in Merced County, California. History In June of 2017, it was decided that Merced County, California, would have $200,000 directed towards community projects chosen by the inhabitants of Merced County, as a form of participatory budgeting. The main actors in this process coming about were District supervisors Rodrigo...
Plaine Commune (an agglomeration of communes in northern Paris) conducted an health impact assessment (HIA) for planned expansions of public transport in the area. In the HIA process they included the opinion and advice of local citizens so as to be informed on how best to cater to their various...
Their mission is to ‘engage the people of Austin in meaningful civic dialogue focused on public issues, hosted by community volunteers across the entire city’ (Conversation Corps, 2017b).
After the passing of the Localism Act by the UK Parliament in 2011, power over planning and development was largely devolved to community and local governments. The Civil Parish of Wing quickly embraced the Localism Act's provisions, embarking on a series of public consultations to plan their neighbourhood's future development.
Which effects does the exhaust air of the "Einhorn-Tunnel" in Schwäbisch Gmünd has on humans and the environment and which benefits brings the installation of a tunnel filter? A citizien dialogue in Schwäbisch Gmünd was established to gather results about this topic.
“Jato Spazio Idee. Centro di coordinamento e di progettazione come spazio della democrazia e della legalità” è un progetto cofinanziato con risorse del Piano di Azione e Coesione (PAC), nell’ambito dell’Avviso pubblico “Giovani del no-profit per lo sviluppo del Mezzogiorno - Giovani per il sociale”, promosso dal Dipartimento della Gioventù...
Author: Nathalie Francès. Hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the city of New Orleans in the State of Louisiana, in the United States, needed a formal citizen participation structure. 80% of the city had to be rebuilt, thus requesting a lot of decisions that would impact the life of communities...
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