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The Occupy movement provides a case example of the use of social media to connect, organize, coordinate, and expand.
Persons with Cerebral Palsy, long marginalized from communities and the disability movement in Uganda, led awareness campaigns, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement to collectively mobilize for inclusion and representation.
Engaging citizens in court observation in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory and Kano State improved transparency, accountability and integrity in the Nigerian judiciary.

Method: Twitter Chat

A Twitter chat is a online conversation held on Twitter, focusing on a topic and linked together through the use of a specific hashtag which enables people to follow what is being said and join. Twitter chats have been utilised as a public engagement on tool on topics such as...
Roundtable Discussions are small group discussions where all participants are given equal opportunity to participate and express viewpoints. They can involve citizens, advocates and experts/professional, either together or separately.
Note: the following entry is a stub. Please help us complete it. Definition Sustained Dialogue is defined as a 'changemaking process' which "Focuses on transforming relationships that cause problems, create conflict, and block change; and Emphasizes the importance of effective change over time" [1] Problems and Purpose History Participant Recruitment...
Nel 2012, numerose associazioni operanti in Friuli Venezia Giulia hanno deciso di costituire il Forum per i Beni comuni e l’Economia solidale del Friuli Venezia Giulia e di aderire ad una Carta comune. Il fine è mettere in atto un insieme coordinato di buone pratiche per favorire la partecipazione dei...
This project deals with the question of finding a location for nuclear waste disposal in Germany with the involvement of public participation. How does a fair democratic participation work and which systematics theories are used to represent public, regional and political interests in the same way? Within this process all...
L’Escuelita zapatista è un percorso di apprendimento, scambio e incontro a cui le comunità resistenti del Chiapas hanno invitato la società civile locale, nazionale e internazionale nel 2013. Un cammino di educazione dal basso in cui migliaia di persone provenienti da tutto il mondo hanno potuto condividere, insieme alle indigene...
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