Le Jardin pour Tous a l'objectif d'obtenir une production locale et expérimentale de nourriture, tout en respectant les cycles naturels et en économisant les énergies, et ainsi créer un espace auto-partagé.
Quand le maire a été élu en 1979, il a mis en place une démocratie participative basée sur l'action directe des citoyens au sein de Marinaleda. Toutes les décisions sont prises lors d'assemblées générales, il y a un budget participatif, et les logements sont autoconstruits.
Adhocracy is an open source software tool modelled after the decentralized "Liquid Democracy" method of collaborative governance.
LiquidFeedback is an online proposition development and decision-making tool which seeks to operationalize the concept of 'liquid democracy'.
Kenya's radio listening groups and radio programmes promote gender equality and women's empowerment by disseminating the information necessary for women to claim their rights as citizens and to claim access to government services.
Encompassing the variety of methods which seek justice through cooperative, inclusive processes. Justice sought in this manner attempts to re-balance and repair individual and community relationships.
IWRM is a form of ecosystem-based management which fosters participation and encourages respect for the diverse values and aspirations of communities.
Consensus building assemblies grounded in local structures and knowledge of the Upper-West region successfully created an inclusive coalition of support, empowered women, established Biological Community Protocols, and lobbied against a government approved mining scheme.
Audience response systems (ARS) are a kind of information and communications technology used in deliberative contexts to gather participant feedback using wired or wireless digital devices.
A structured planning method used by organizations to assess four key elements: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
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